69 BEDS FOR OVER 1,000 5150s PER MONTH
My son came straight from Kaiser with a freshly stitched up arm and a deep wound.  It was 18 hours before he was seen by a doctor and could even receive some pain medication. And it was at least another 24 hours before he was sent to a unit. These complaints do not indicate the quality or concerns of the staff, but I do believe they point to a physically inadequate facility for the current demands placed on it.  And I don’t understand why the folks finding fault with sensationalism of the report and which I do not dispute there may be some (not sure), don’t seem to point this out.  In other words we need more beds and I would hope that those working for JG or as patient advocates would point this out at every opportunity – this being one.  The crowded conditions at JG were only exacerbated by the behind closed doors decision to close involuntary beds at Villa Fairmont.  This was told to me at the time by the head social worker who has since left.  Everyone I spoke with there over the course of five weeks, indicated to me, albeit in a somewhat hushed manner, that JG was over-burdened and that they would appreciate any efforts by families to speak-up. OUR SMI LOVED ONES DESERVE TREATMENT!


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