News reports that 44 year old Jason Morton was released prematurely from Alameda County’s John George psychiatric facility and has been declared missing.

Two days after Morton was brought to John George he was released wearing a hospital gown.

Ray Morton, Jason’s brother, is quoted as saying, “He’s not afraid to walk for miles at a time. He’s not afraid to get into vehicles with people and this is somebody who doesn’t have the mental capacity to stay safe.”

Ray Morton said he called John George to ask why, and says he was told it was a mistake.

His concern over his brother’s safety is growing.

“I’ve seen the voices taking on a persona and it’s getting very, very scary. It’s to the point where I’m worried if he’s gonna be found alive this time.”

Jason’s brother and others familiar with the facility, say that John George doesn’t really treat patients, but simply stabilizing them to where they can be released. This policy can have tragic results.

Police often pick up the same patient over and over again only to confront the revolving door at John George. Police are asking anyone who sees Jason Morton to give them a call.

Ray Morton, “I blame John George for not giving patients the care they need when they come in.”

The troubled Alameda county psychiatric facility has been the subject of news reports, with employees and former patients describing appalling conditions and likening it to a clinic in a Third World Country.

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Ryan Morton ** UPDATE **

My brother Jason was just located this morning in Oakland near 42nd and Foothill by Oakland Police Department. A mobile crisis team was called to evaluate Jason. They notified myself and his case manager. After speaking with case manager he is stated to be in pretty bad shape so he is being taken for medical evaluation then on to John George Psychiatric Pavilion where I have spoken to their case manager who has informed me she will do her best to advocate for Jason’s in-patient care need, but ultimately it is the doctor’s decision. I was also advised by her to send in a letter urging and pleading with the doctor for this to be done. Thank you all for your support, thoughts and prayers that you have given to this situation.


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