This afternoon I attended my first meeting with the DNC platform drafting committee to discuss the policy platform that will be officially endorsed by the Democratic Party.
I look forward to being part of the team as a member of the platform drafting committee, and am very excited about all the momentum that has surrounded this primary election cycle.
Now it’s time to get to work presenting our views and translating our policy proposals into the platform that will be endorsed by our party. It’s very important that we hear from you during this process, which is why I am asking you to share what you’d like included in the platform.
I am so proud of the young people, the progressives, people of color, and all the Democrats who have participated in the democratic process. Throughout the primary we have generated great energy within the party, which we will need to win in November.
It is so important that we come out of the convention unified and prepared to defeat Donald Trump. Together we will create a platform that is progressive, and one that everyone can endorse and rally around.
Barbara Lee
Barbara Lee
Member of Congress


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